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Why Choose Us

The Best Flower Preservation

Our flower preservation service is done with freeze drying because it is the most effective and long-lasting type of preservation currently available.

Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a process which allows your flowers to stay as close to their original shape and color as possible. It is performed with large machines and takes a few weeks to complete. Though it may sound severe, it’s actually a gentle process of pulling all of the moisture out of the flowers so that they remain beautiful for up to 40 years.

Ageless Keepsakes Freeze Drying

Every step of our preservation is done by professionals, to ensure that your floral keepsake is returned to you as close to the original design as possible and beautifully and securely arranged in the display of your choice.

Other Types of Flower Preservation

There are several other ways to preserve flowers which are not as accurate or long-lasting as freeze drying. These include air drying, silica gel drying, and pressing. Below are descriptions of the different types of preservation and what you can expect from each.

Air Drying

Air drying doesn’t work for everyone because it requires that you live in a low-humidity environment. With this method, the flowers shrink and wrinkle, and lose their color quickly. Working with air-dried flowers is difficult as they are brittle and lose their petals and leaves easily. This is an inadequate solution for long term preservation.

Silica-Gel Drying

Silica gel drying is more effective than air drying. However, it requires dismantling the arrangement so that you can cover each individual flower with the silica gel. While silica gel will maintain the color of the flowers, you must be careful to use the right type of silica gel, so that the flowers do not dent or wrinkle. Additionally, some flowers require extra support so they will not collapse during the drying technique which further complicates the process of using silica gel. With this method, the flowers fade in about ten years.


Pressing is a method that has been used for generations. Generally used in paper making, it is the easiest but least effective means of preserving flowers. The method consists of pressing the flowers between the pages of a book or between two heavy objects and leaving it there till it is dried out. Pressing renders flowers flat and brittle, and does not preserve the color or dimension of the flowers.

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