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(P)reserve Your Day

We can preserve the flowers of your special day and make them into a lasting keepsake you will treasure for years to come.


    We work with customers in two ways. You can reserve our services in advance of your event, or you can contact us after your event and order your keepsake. We cannot guarantee availability so we strongly recommend making a reservation in advance of your event to ensure we can accommodate your order. Deposits are required to hold your reservation.

    When we receive your deposit, we will send you full instructions on how best to care for your flowers, and a kit to keep your flowers fresh.


    If your event has already recently happened, it’s not too late to preserve the flowers. Contact us by phone or email; make a deposit, and ship your flowers to us immediately. Our shipping address is 9940 Phillips Road, Lafayette, Colorado 80026.

    DO NOT FREEZE your flowers. Put them in a container or box in a safe place in your refrigerator where they will not get disturbed.

    Be sure to tell your florist that you will be preserving your flowers, so that they may provide you with a good vase or container to put them in after the event.


    It is best to get your flowers to us within five (5) days of the event, so ship or deliver them to us as soon as possible.

    When you complete your reservation and deposit, we will send you a shipping kit that includes everything you need to mail your flowers to us. You can also bring your flowers to our storefront located at 9940 Phillips Road, Lafayette, Colorado 80026. Please call us 720-990-0685 to schedule your drop off.

    If you have any questions, or you don't feel comfortable making your deposit online, please call us at 720-990-0685.


    Some types of flowers require more work to preserve and the “wear” on arrangements can vary a great deal, so we cannot give you a definitive price for your keepsake until we see your flowers.

    The following are average prices for the number of flowers included in your order. Prices are not exact; they are meant only to give you an idea of what preserving your flowers will cost. We have also included the amount of the deposit required at each price level.

    Number of Flowers/Blooms
    1 Bouquet (20 Flowers Max.)
    1 Large Bouquet (20+ Flowers)
    Flower Petal Jewelry
    Estimated Price
    Coming Soon
    Required Deposit


    Whether you are reserving our services ahead of your event, or you already have flowers you wish to preserve, schedule a consultation with us to discuss the keepsake you want to commission. We will be happy to work with you to make planning your floral preservation a relaxed and pleasant experience.

    You will have several options of frames and matting colors to choose from. You can also add mementos to be included your keepsake. Because flower preservation takes several months, there is no pressure to make these decisions at the time of your consultation.


    Once we receive your flowers, we will immediately begin the preservation process by rehydrating your flowers. Flower preservation is a slow progression taking several months. The design stage (where we add the frame, matting, and mementos) happens at the end of this process.

    When we reach the design phase, we will contact you to discuss the design of your keepsake. At this point, you can make changes or additions to your design. Before we begin work on your design, we will contact you for final approval which we require in writing. Once the design is approved, and we receive your final payment, your finished keepsake will be shipped to you or ready for pick up within two weeks.

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