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Kate Sikorska-Jackson

Kate was born and raised in Poland and earned her Master’s Degree in Meteorology from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in her native land. Though she enjoyed her studies, she quickly discovered that she didn’t love the job that followed. An artist at heart, Kate wanted to feel passionate about her work and decided to forge a new horizon for herself. In 2011, she left Poland for the United States and began a difficult transition to a new life. In 2015, she met James Jackson, and they were wed later that year. Much to her delight, Kate discovered that Jack’s mother shared her passion for flowers, and the two began dreaming of ways to turn their passion into sustainable work.

About Us

Ageless Keepsakes was founded by Kate Sikorska-Jackson and Alice Jackson. The two are family through Kate's marriage to Alice's son, but they realized early on in their relationship that they both shared a passion for flowers and preserving memories. After searching for a better way to preserve flowers, they discovered freeze drying and quickly became fascinated with it. Together, they enrolled in and completed an intensive study of freeze drying and preserving flowers. Armed with this know-how, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence, they are making this service available to others.

Alice Jackson

Alice has spent most of her life raising children and working as a Birth Doula and a Birth Doula Educator. During her 30+ years as a Doula, she founded two companies, Birth Assistants of Boulder, Inc. and Rocky Mountain Doula Educators, Inc. She and her business partner, Farol, were accredited by three National organizations, and they traveled all over the United States training men and women as birth doulas. In her spare time, Alice took floral design classes. As her doula career came to an end, she began working as a floral designer working with both fresh and silk flowers. Since retiring from the floral business a few years ago, Alice has kept designing with silk flowers.

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